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I guarantee you that your email marketing initiatives generate more prospects than you think. What’s more, they’re not difficult to spot.

Case in point. I ran a post-mortem meeting for one of my clients to evaluate a few recent e-blasts that targeted members a particular professional service industry.  The response exceeded expectations with double the amount of potential clients downloading a specific white paper. That alone made the campaign a big success, and folks on both the sales and marketing teams cheered the results. 

But while everyone relished the accomplishment, I pointed to another statistic; one that I believe held additional qualified prospects. For every person that filled out the form and downloaded the white paper, another person clicked on the link and visited the landing page. These additional people - nearing close to 100 decision makers - found enough value to visit the page, and we knew how to contact them.

Though not as high a priority as those completed all the desired actions, marketers should not assume that these individuals aren’t interested in a follow-up. A host of reasons could explain when they did not fill out the form. Perhaps a customer or teammate interrupted their session. Maybe their internet access froze, or a cybersecurity software program on their computer prevented them from accessing the white paper. We shouldn’t assume the reason for not downloading the white paper was a lack of interest.

I’m not so naive to believe that more than a handful of these contacts will become a client. However, converting just two percent of these folks with an average lifetime value would mean an additional $100,000 to the company. Multiply that by the number of e-mail marketing campaigns my client conducts and the amount of revenue generated is well into the seven figures. 

What’s more, we looked at who opened the email and also flagged them as suitable targets for future campaigns. Any marketer will tell you that it requires multiple touch points to generate a response. Even if a person doesn’t take any additional action after opening an email doesn’t mean that they can’t convert to a viable lead at some point. It may just take a little longer.

Herein lies the point. Email marketing remains a very viable tool for any organization, but probably even more than most give it credit. The trick is to look at all the analytics, not just the last step. Just because they don’t follow all actions doesn’t mean there’s no interest in finding out more. When you do, you’ll maximize the return on investment for such initiatives, and your bottom line will thank you for it.


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