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This is a GREAT piece that sums up how marketers should look at mobile. It's the same mentality that should be used for social media (in fact, the author makes that reference).

Happy Reading!

Mobile Marketing Trends That Matter

By , Published September 13, 2013

Smartphone usage accounts for one-third of every minute on the Internet, a  statistic that is driving a new wave of mobile marketing trends. A recent Mobile  Share Report tapped into more than 6,000 different brands and analyzed 5 billion  — yes, billion — webpages in order to quantify mobile performance over  desktop counterparts. Businesses are often looking for the next big thing to  stay a step ahead, but this big thing has grown 125 percent over the past year  in terms of traffic.

What to Know about Mobile

While smartphone usage skyrockets, it’s important to take a look at contrary mobile marketing trends. Conversions, another term for when a smartphone or computer user discovers a page or link and clicks it (as in performs an action proposed by a marketer) are much lower on mobile devices than desktops. But why? Aren’t people more likely to search out a business on the go than sit down at a desk and use keyboards and mice? Actually no.

One contributing factor to this statistic is that mobile users are a lot pickier. Maybe it has to do with E-attention spans, but smartphoners tend to search out well-formed information that is easy for them to find. A lot of this has to do with local search results, or at least the influx of priority mobile  search engines are putting on location-based queries. On desktops, people are  more likely to hunt for info and convert.

Like other desktop and mobile marketing strategies, it’s crucial for  marketers to know that multimedia is a driving force behind conversions — video, for that matter. Mobile video conversions are 160 percent higher than desktop. Close behind are hospitality and travel conversions followed by eCommerce, two categories often filtered through apps.

So is it convenience, ease of use, format? It turns out that every mobile marketing conversion is gained through inherently different strategies than on desktops. One flaw for smartphone campaigns is that companies are sticking to bulky marketing systems familiar for PC users rather than jumping directly into the user’s smartphone experience.



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