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AIRSIS, Inc., a diversified technology company with a 10-year track record, provides innovative solutions to a wide range of customers.

The company’s flagship product, PortVision®, provides new levels of knowledge and transparency to maritime activities within ports and inland waterways. PortVision's real-time visualization and historical information allow users to get up-to-date visibility of vessel activities and receive alerts when events of their particular interest occur. Historical playback and reporting features offer expanded business opportunities to identify best practices and enhance Maritime Domain Awareness as well as better communicate with customers and partners.

AIRSIS’ executives were leery about launching a costly and comprehensive brand awareness campaign of any real size in order to attract leads for their new product, and looked to Stalwart Communications for help. What the agency quickly determined was that an aggressive PR campaign that pinpointed specific maritime publications could shorten AIRSIS’ customer and partner sales cycles without breaking the budget.

Stalwart Communications quickly got the ears of key editors in the targeted publications thanks to its pinpoint research. AIRSIS was soon conducting no less than six PortVision demos. The result – full feature stories in the top three publications in three months with more following on a regular basis.

The articles drew no less than 100 qualified leads within one month – significantly shortening the sales cycle for AIRSIS’ PortVision solution while also increasing the opportunities for increased distribution partnerships nationwide. Such success was driven by both the expertise of Stalwart Communications and its willingness to share in the business risk.

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