gap intelligence is an eight-plus year market research firm that touts its ability to dive into the details in far greater and more accurate ways than other firms such as Gartner and Forrester.

The company prides itself in providing actionable data for its subscriber customers in areas such as current retail promotions, pricing models, e-commerce initiatives and product positioning. As a result, most of its research tends to look 60 to 90 days out and assists its patrons in sound decision-making and setting up effective revenue-generating strategies within the next quarter.

The benefits are significant and extend to both sides of the sales and marketing team.

  • Marketing – Developing specific campaigns and promotion initiatives based on current customer trends and what competitors and their sales channel partners are doing.
  • Sales – Leveraging the empirical data from the reports to provide objective, third-party validation that will help them close prospective deals that are already in progress.

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