The non-profit San Diego Surf Cup is one of the most renowned youth soccer tournament organizations in the country. While the current entity is an impressive 20 years old, the tournament itself goes back to 1981 and attracts teams from around the world as well as more than 400 college coaches.

Not stopping with simply putting on three, well-attended tournaments, Surf Cup organizers also hold many charity events for various worthy causes. One in particular includes offsetting the costs for underprivileged youth and their soccer teams to participate in their tournaments. Their actions have enabled many students the chance to compete for scholarships and attend school that would otherwise not be possible for them to do. In all, the San Diego Surf Cup contributes more than $350,000 annually to a wide range of organizations.

Furthermore, the Surf Cup provides an annual economic benefit to San Diego County that rivals more widely known events. Since most of the hundreds of teams that participate in their tournaments come of out of the area, hotel rooms, restaurants and other business see a significant spike in revenue that otherwise would not occur. For these and other reasons, the San Diego Surf Cup is one of the region’s significant economic, social, educational and philanthropic assets in this region.