Started in 2011, SupraMed Inc was founded by two plastic surgeons who saw the need for a surgeon specific software to manage their offices and patients. With pressure from government agencies to computerize patient care, and from insurance companies to reduce physician reimbursement, surgeons are being pushed to digitize their office. Unfortunately the vast majority of physician software is designed for run-of-the-mill family practice doctors. These generic programs are poorly suited for surgeons. 

Recognizing this need, our founders evaluated the best way to bring a commercial product to market. With improvements in web programming software in recent years, and an acceptance of data storage in the cloud by doctors, the development of a web-based application became a viable option. A software program developed by one of our founders over 20 years was used as the prototype for SupraMed. The advantages of a web based EHR are numerous. For example, by employing an affordable monthly subscription model, avoiding the need for expensive server hardware, and eliminating complicated program installation and upgrading, we are able to keep more money in the doctor's pocket.