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We have more than 20 years of experience in helping you get through public issues that are consuming your staff, damaging your brand and imperiling your bottom line. 

We can begin the process of restoring your credibility on very short notice - often within one hour - and leverage proven digital, PR and direct marketing efforts.

What's more, we focus on engaging not just the media, but all five of your critical stakeholders that include employees, customers, vendors/partners and investors.

Doing so ensures your efforts to get your side of the story told in the most efficient and effective manner. You'll be able to get back to normal operations as quick as possible.

Take a look at some examples of how we've been able to help organizations not only get past a crisis communications situation but, at times, come out better in the end.


The San Diego NBC Station was producing a news segment centered around issues that a viewer raised to the consumer watchdog team about recent purchases at one of my client's locations. The individual was to represent a line of similar complaints many of the network's local stations were getting about a particular product line. The story wasn't unique to Jerome's. All furniture retailers were getting targeted. Every single one of my client's competitors opted for the more mainstream response by not allowing their executives to be interviewed, preferring to answer only in writing or not at all.

Also click here to watch a video about how ride-sharing app company Uber conducted a recent crisis PR event flawlessly.

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